Travel Nurses FAQ

Travel Nurses Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Travel Nurses Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The Travel Nurses FAQ; Common questions and answers that we get asked a lot.

What types of nursing are available in travel nursing?

The main nursing jobs available in travel nursing are in the acute care arena. Medical, Surgical, Oncology, Cardiac Care, Intensive Care, Recovery Room, Operating Room and Emergency nursing. Of course, there are opportunities to travel with case management, home health, hospice, clinics and long term care as well as rehab nursing.

Thelargest number of positions are in acute care. If you really want to travel to the most places then focus on getting one to two years’ experience in medical-surgical nursing, ICU/CCU, Emergency Room, Recovery Room or Operating Room Nursing. If you are experienced in a really hot specialty area you arealmost assured of year round employment

Where can I find other Travel Nurses FAQ's?

There a number of sites that will tell you how to become a travel nurse. A simple web search will give you potentially millions of results. The challenge with Travel Nurses FAQ's is that many of the sites are employment sites and the Travel Nurse FAQ's they provide may only be applicable to their company.

A good source of information for travel nursing are forums. One very good forum is They have a travel nurse forum that is a good source of information from nurses who are actually doing this type of work.

How much money can I make as a travel nurse?

The actual hourly rate of pay varies depending on location, specialty, and differential pay. It’s always best to ask what the rate is based on the individual assignment. In general your hourly rate of pay will range from $19 per hour to $60 per hour.

Do I get Bonuses?

Most agencies offer some sort of bonuses for traveling with them. The most common bonuses seem to be of two types. Sign up bonuses and completion bonuses. No two agencies are the same so these bonuses range from none to $1000 or even $1500 for completing a contract. Typically, the longer the contract you sign up for the bigger the bonus.

Another tactic being used by some agencies is to increase the size of your completion bonus based on how many assignments you finish; $200 for your first assignment, $400 for the second up to a maximum amount. Bonuses are as variable as hourly pay rates and you should always ask before you accept an assignment what bonuses are available.

What other incentives can I get for being a travel nurse?

Travel expenses, Housing allowance, and vacation or gift programs are quite common among travel nurse agencies. One agency I know of has a rewards program. Each hour worked earnspoints. You can redeem these points for travel packages, stereos and other merchandise. Other common incentives include paying for mileage to a new assignment and free housing while on an assignment.

If I become a travel nurse where can I work?

Anywhere there is a need for your nursing specialty that you can be licensed as nurse. Typically if you are licensed in one state you may only work in that state. There are some states working towards recognizing other licensees. Check with the state boards of nursing where you want to work to see if they have an interstate compact.There are a number of states who have agreed to recognize each others licenses.

Do I have to be a registered nurse to travel?
No. Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants as well as Physical Therapists, Respiratory Therapists and just about any specialty you can name can sign up to be a traveler.

What is a Locum Tenens?
Locum Tenensis aLatin termfor "temporary place holder". It is often used when a doctor takes a temporary assignment. In theory all travel nurses are Locum Tenens.

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