Travel Nurse Characteristics

What travel nurse characteristics do all travel nurses share in common? The nurse who chooses a travel career is usually not a "stay at home" type of nurse. Some of them enjoy travel for the tourist attractions and others will pick remote locations because of the hiking, backpacking and wilderness experiences they can find.

The reasons for choosing a traveling nurse career are as varied as the number of nurses who decide a travel nurse job is right for them. Of course, there are some travel nurse characteristics that all travel nurses seem to share. The order I have listed these in is not indicative of which one is more important.

Organized, problem solver, assertive, people skills, flexible, loves challenges, strong nursing skills. These are the top characteristics of a nurse.

The truth is anyone willing to pack up and move every 3 months is someone who loves challenge and has the right travel nurse characteristics. They see every new assignment as an adventure and a challenge to be mastered.

Most Nurses are problem solvers by their nature. Travel Nurses should have an extra helping of this just to be certain.

Ok, sometimes you actually get a day shift that is mostly week-days and you don't have to float to the medical-surgical floor. But for every assignment like that you get 9 others that want you to work nights, week-ends and holidays. Plus, they want you to float to exotic departments like the short stay unit or telemetry. So, be nimble and think fast and make Flexible your middle name.

Being a traveling nurse challenges your skills to their limits at times. Sometimes you are expected to be more knowledgeable than the staff you work with. The ability to juggle difficult assignments, problem solve and figure out why your patient's electrolytes are completely whacked is a strong travel nurse characteristic to possess.

Ok, we all know someone who surfs the chaos, falls into the slurry, and always comes up smelling like a rose. For the rest of us a good set of organizational skills and the ability to work from a "to do" list are invaluable.

Meeting new co-workers and having a whole new set of personalities to interact with every 13 weeks requires someone who is outgoing, friendly and cheerful. You don't have to be an extrovert but it helps.

Are you the type who can say quietly "Doctor, your patient is in trouble now!"? Being able to clearly state your needs and the needs of your patient is always a skill that a nurse should have; Even ifthey don'ttake travel assignments.

Nurses are action oriented. They understand that nothing gets done without someone acting on it. They do what needs to be done.

In summary, these travel nurse characteristics are not fixed traits. They can be learned and improved on. Every nurse has some or all of these qualities already. If you are thinking about becoming a traveler all you have to do is take action.