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A Day in The Life
A Day in the life of a traveling nurse; the author relies on personal experience to detail this chronicle.
Advance Practice Nurses
Advance practice nurses specialize in various types of specialty nursing areas including anesthesia, gerontology, acute care, family practice and more
Back Issues for The-Travel-Nurse-Journal
E-zine of

Best Travel Nurse Agency
What is the best travel nurse agency? What do the best agencies have in common? Find out what makes them the best

Clinical Nurse Specialist
CNS role defined, educational requirements for clinical nurse specialist and links to more information about clinical nurse specialists. 

Contact Information for

Disadvantages of Travel Nursing
travel nursing isnt all roses. The top 6 disadvantages of travel nursing. 

Travel Nurses FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions about travel nursing

Healthcare Salaries
What are healthcare salaries for health care workers and professionals? Find out what health care salaries are for most health care workers and practitioners

Home Page
Learn to be a travel nurse, characteristics, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages. All about travel nursing.

International Travel Nurse
international travel nurse requirements needed to work as an RN in the United States

Locum Tenens FAQ
Locum Tenens answers about locum tenens and how physicians, nurses and anesthesia providers assume temporary positions in hospitals and surgery centers

LPN Travel Nursing
There are LPN Traveling Nurse or LVN Travel nurse opportunities and there are some things you should know about it.

Men in Nursing
The number of men in nursing is only 6%. The reasons; societal expectations, low pay, discrimination, and poor career progression are discussed.

National & State Nurse Associations
Resources page to national and state nurses associations pages on the

No More Overtime
Why you cant afford to work overtime.

Nurse Anaesthesiologist
Nurse Anaesthesiologists frequently travel or accept locum positions. A brief history of nurse anaesthesia and nurse anesthetists.

Nurse Association Link Page
Resource page with links to national, specialty and state nurse associations. The American Nurses Association, the Emergency Nurses Association and even the Canadian Nurses Association.

Nurse CEU
Nurse CEU information. Find out how to obtain 30 CEUs and have fun. In many cases its free.
Nurse Practice Acts
Resource page with links to Nurse Practice acts and regulations governing standards of nursing practice for each state.

Nurse Shortages
The nursing shortage has many causes.  Read about the multi-factorial nature of the nursing shortage.

Privacy Policy
The Travel Nurse privacy policy. we strive to protect the privacy of all of our web guests. we never sell your email or personal information.
Registered Nurse First Assistant RNFA
How to become a registered nurse first assistant (RNFA). Criteria to become a registered nurse first assistant and links to RNFA sites

Registered Nurse Practitioner
role of registered nurse practitioner, requirements for RNP and links to registered nurse practitioner resources

Registered Nurse Salary
Registered nurse salary nationally and by state as reported by the US Dept of Labor including nurse salaries for each state and benefits analysis

Registered Nurse Salary Benefits
what are registered nurse salary benefits worth? Find out how much a travel nurse benefits could be worth.

RN Travel Nurse Requirements
The basic requirements to be a registered nurse traveler. 

RV Travel Nursing
The advantages and disadvantages of RV travel nursing, in summary the advantages can outweigh the disadvantages.

Sample Nurse Resume
see a sample nurse resume, design layout and how to create a nurse resume

Selecting Travel Nursing Agencies
Finding travel nursing agencies is probably the most important detail for a traveling nurse to pay attention to. After all, the agency is how you will find your assignments.
State Boards of Nursing
State Boards of Nursing Links, board of nurses contact info. Get your nursing license.

State Nurses Associations
State Nurses Associations links page with brief description of each state nurses association website

The Travel Nurse Blog
The Travel Nurse Blog page. Alphatraveler blogs about travel nurse topics

The Travel Nurse Journal Subscription Page
Subscribe now for The Travel Nurse Journal a nurses ezine Current Nursing topics Travel nurse tips clinical tips and more an ezine for nurses

Travel Nurse Agencies and Other Links
Refer your favorite travel nurse agencies, see which travel nurse agencies other nurses prefer.  Give a shout out to your favorite agency.
Travel Nurse Benefits
What are the benefits of being a travel nurse?  Read this article to find out.

Travel Nurse Compact Licensure
Travel Nurse Compact Licensure or NLC allows a nurse to practice in multiple states on one license
Travel Nurse Characteristics
These Travel Nurse Characteristics are not mandatory but if you have these traits then you should do well as a traveling nurse.

Travel Nurse Links
Resource page with links to websites that may be useful to nurses. Suggest a travel nurse link or other nurse link.

Travel Nurse Recruiter
The ideal travel nurse recruiter should have some key characteristics. The list is pretty interesting: Friendly, outgoing, personable, personality, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Travel Nurse Requirements
travel nurse requirements; find out the basic requirements needed to be a traveler.

Travel Nurse Salary
Travel Nurse Salary and what you can expect to earn as a travel nurse.

Travel Nurse Taxes
Deductions you can take for travel nurse taxes. Tax deductions for travel nurses
Travel Nursing Pets
Nurses with pets can take travel nursing assignments. Challenges with pets can be solved and there are solutions.
Traveling Nurse Jobs
Travel Nurse Jobs are as varied as nurses but fall into 4 basic types of traveling nurse jobs