No More Overtime

A while back I was working 60 hours or more per week as a nurse. Now I only work 40 hours or less per week and I make more money than I was then.

I started a small site that talked about something I was very interested in. I wanted to be a travel nurse. I was already a registered nurse but didn’t know I could go to work as a travel nurse.

When I went online to find information I ran into a lot of sites that wanted to recruit me. To find out what I wanted to know they wanted me to apply for a job. I didn’t want to apply for a job I didn’t know anything about. So, I started doing some research. And discovered that there were other nurses who might want to know how to be a travel nurse.

The Travel Nurse was born from my frustration and my need to know. It didn’t take long before I realized that I could also earn a few extra dollars by providing what I had learned to others.

Within a few months I was making as much or more money from my little knowledge site as I was working an extra 12 hour shift or more. Within a few more months I realized I didn’t have to work overtime anymore. I could work my usual three 12 hour shifts per week and actually enjoy time with my family.

All of that from one little website? Yes, all of that from a website.

Let me ask you a few questions:

Are you tired of working a second job just to get by?

Or working all the overtime your job will give you to make ends meet?

Do you have a hobby that everyone tells you would make you money if you just gave it a whirl?

Does the idea of creating a website that can make money excite you... and terrify you because you don't know the first thing about HTML or XML website languages?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you need SBI....

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If you are a nurse or anyone else who wants to quit working overtime then I challenge you to check out SBI and start following the step by step instructions on how to achieve your goals.