RV Travel Nursing

RV Travel Nursing? Have you often thought about travel nursing but find you are reluctant because you don't like the idea of having to pack and unpack every 13 weeks? Or you want to travel with your pet and you know they won't adapt to having a new home 2,3 or even 5 times a year? One solution is to become a travel nurse and buy an RV or a Travel Trailer.

Travel Nurses and RV's go together just like Abbot and Costello or Batman and Robin. There are many advantages of putting your home on wheels so you can accept travel assignments.

Advantages of RV Travel Nursing

a) Your pets can travel with you. Read my article Travel Nursing Pets for some ways to make traveling with your pet easier.

b) You never have to pack and unpack when you re-locate. Just make sure everything is put away and that items can't shift while you travel.

c) Your computer access can travel with you and you never have to tear down your computer set up.

d) you get to sleep in your own bed every night

e) RV space rentals are cheap compared to apartment rent. The average RV space rent is $350-$500 per month depending on the location.

There are some disadvantages to RV travel nursing too. just to be fair I should point out that:

a) the price of gas really affects your expenses - when gas is $4 a gallon and you have a 50 to 75 gallon tank it's going to smart.

b) RV's are notorious for getting low gas mileage. some of the older models especially get as low as 5-6 miles per gallon

c) RV's and travel trailers can be small. your total living space is going to be less than most modern apartments. So, if you like lots of space or you are claustrophobic then you won't want an RV.

d) just like home owners RV owners are responsible for maintenance, repairs and insurance.

e) If you price some of the newer, nicer RV's the total cost can easily reach $150,000 to $250,000.

Some additional considerations include internet access, distance of the RV park from the work location, learning to cook in a small space and transportation once you arrive at your location. 24/7 Internet access can be provided with wireless to go through one of the cell phone providers such as AT&T; or Verizon using a wireless networking card. Satellite internet is also available. Here is a good article on internet access for the RV.

RV space rental locations can be found in some surprising places. Mobile home parks, state parks, local parks, and even military bases all have RV and travel trailer spaces. Occasionally, you may even find an enterprising individual who has an RV parking space available that is close to the hospital or clinic where you will work.

Cooking in a small space without resorting to canned ravioli every night can be challenging. There are creative solutions ranging from microwave steamer meals to picking up meals to go from the local grocery store deli section. You will find that you can also create some amazing home style meals in a very small space. Use a cutting board that fits over your RV sink to create more counter space. use your dining table for food prep as well as eating. be sure to buy an RV that has a fair amount of kitchen space if cooking at home is important to you.

Transportation once you arrive at your travel location is another consideration. Most RV'ers tow another vehicle with them to their travel location. Other options include using public transportation, taxi's (expensive) or leasing a vehicle. One novel approach is to buy a used fairly inexpensive car which you sell once the assignment is over. This can be challenging if the used car market is glutted when you are trying to sell.

In summary, RV travel nursing can be an excellent way to be a travel nurse and enjoy all the advantages of travel nursing and having a permanent home as long as you feel the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Some nurses do find it an excellent way to travel. If you are considering an RV you can find out more information about RV travel at The RV Forum Community.