The Travel Nurse

Travel nurse beckons you to join her. Nurses and other healthcare workers use temporary contracts to see the world or be close to family or friends.

This site is designed to give you the facts about being a travel nurse. What the requirements are, what characteristics are needed, benefits , and what to expect from your experience. You will also find a page describing the different types ofjobsthat exist.

Of course, its also a site about nurses and nursing so if I digress occasionally into nursing but I don't travel I hope you bear with me.

Temporary staffing began over thirtyyears ago during a (drum roll please) nursing shortage. It was viewed as a temporary measure and most nursing administrators were sure that no one would want to do it full time as a career. Boy, have we come a long way. Nurses are flexible, independent, intelligent, competent and most of them are very experienced. Not only did it become a permanent part of the nursing career landscape, it has become a well respected career choice for nurses.

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This site is not another travel agency recruiting site. I am not affiliated with any of the agency sites. I designed this site so nurses could be educated about the advantages and benefits of this type of nursing employment. For those who stumble across this site who are not nurses there is still information of use here. Nurses are the largest group who engage in temporary staffing. But, other occupations also have an opportunity to travel and enjoy many of the same benefits of this type of employment.

Traveling offers a variety of benefits that make it very attractive. The ability to travel and tour areas. See the theme parks during the off season. Or just to enjoy the different beaches of the country. Some nurses even travel internationally; Ireland anyone?

Of course, Travel Nursing isn't always perfect or ideal. There are downsides to traveling. Sometimes you really need to be able to take time off and you are locked into a contract. Changing residences every 13 to 26 weeks isn't always fun. That's why RVTravel Nursing may appeal to you if you are a traveler. You can move every 3 to 6 months and never have to pack and unpack again.

And for those of you who enjoy reading online journals or blogs I have created The Travel Nurse Blog. A place where I post ideas, travel information, nurse agency reviews and nursing news as I find it.

I also publish an E-zine. I feature news or articles of interest, tips and techniques, featured sites and nursing history in each issue. Currently, the publishing schedule is a bit irregular but it's well worth reading. So subscribe now...Its Free! You can see back issues here. The E-zine is posted on the Blog as well as sent out to those who subscribe.

I became interested in Travel Nursing as a way to earn more money, travel, and to experience professional growth.You may find that you have otherreasons togive this type of nursing a try.

One way to find out about travel nursing is to read what other nurses say about it. I have found that All Nurses Travel NursingForumcovers this topic quite well.